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Deborah Coleman

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As a young child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I knew I wanted to be an artist. Eventually, I realized that if I did what I loved, the rest would follow.

While I was in college, I was selected to work in the White House Photo Office during the Clinton administration. This experience taught me the delicate balance between capturing images and responding to ever-changing situations.

After graduating college, I worked as a staff photographer at The Contra Costa Times (California), Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas) and The Palm Beach Post (Florida). Being a newspaper photographer in different parts of the country taught me the importance of preparation, flexibility and having a sense of humor. No matter where I lived, I learned to be open-minded.

My experience as a wedding photojournalist began when a fellow Palm Beach Post photographer asked me to shoot a wedding with him. I was immediately hooked. Since that time, I still get excited when I capture the story of two people on their wedding day. I am drawn to the wide range of emotions, the gathering of friends and family, the celebration with its quiet moments and the anticipation of starting a new life.

When I returned home to San Francisco in 2004, I began working at Pixar Animation Studios and helped create my job as their in-house photographer. I am responsible for documenting life at the studio and creating photos for marketing and PR campaigns.

I photograph weddings because it is an extension of my love of visual storytelling. Wedding photography allows me to explore new places, meet interesting people and create art from intimate moments.

If you are having a wedding, I would love to be there for you.

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Żonaty: 9 roku temu

Sheila i Ascher

You captured the day in an incredibly special way. Each of your photos was striking, intimate and beautifully composed. Each one told a story. Many of your photos captured emotion and important fleeting moments that were so discreet and could have gone unnoticed to most. This is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again.

Żonaty: 13 roku temu

Erin i Jeff

Świetnie spisałeś się na naszym ślubie! W zeszły weekend przejrzałem dowody z rodziną i wszyscy skomentowali, jak doskonale uchwyciłeś każdą chwilę i jak dyskretnie byłeś.

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Based on an 8 hour coverage with my custom album together with all images on a disc