Portret BW Manuela Meszarovitsa, fotografa ślubnego opowiadającego historie
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Manuel Meszarovits


Firstly see that I am French based in Hungary, speaking fluently French, English, Spanish, and am comfortable understanding Italian. I provide unique photography for classy couples who demand first-class service and a world-class photographer. I offer distinctive services for clientele who are looking for a wedding, engagement, or elopement photographer in Budapest.

As a wedding photojournalist and humanist photographer, I cast the sensitivity of my look through my lens to capture the unexpected, an emotion in the eyes, an instant frozen by a random yet controlled coincidence. With discretion I let my lens focus on people around me, leaving the alchemy of the moment turn into an image. Considered today as one of the leaders and most successful and creative wedding photographers in France and abroad, photographed over 500+ weddings all over the world for 20 years. As you may already know my work is that of a wedding photojournalist or documenting photographer: I do not take classic or academic photos. A wedding is one of the days which matters most in the life of a couple; a day loaded with emotion. I am very sensitive to all that happens on the day and in this way I make a true photographic report of the wedding.

My work as a storyteller photographer involves seizing the fleeting moments of the big day with as much innocence, intensity, force and emotion as possible. I take a lot of photos, none of which are posed. I follow you throughout the day, like your shadow and, being watchful at all times, using my photographer’s sense of observation, I capture the instants that few see. I do this with sensitivity and a keen sense of framing, light, contrast and definition. The objective is that my photos should provoke a strong emotional response. My goal is to convey and translate images that are a hymn to life: images that tell beautiful stories in a simple way. I’m unable to explain the reasons for the way I “feel” images or account for the little voice in my head which tells me when to release the shutter, but the end result is one of grace and originality.

Zdjęcia 3 "At Work"

The following photos are of Manuel Meszarovits at work.