Leon Wong jest fotografem ślubnym w Chinach, służącym narzeczonym Zhejiang.
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Leon Wong


Leon Wong has been ranked into top 10 wedding photographers in the world by WPJA in 2013. He appreciates shooting with the natural light. He believes that however the fashion swings, what matters is the feeling of his client at the very moments of being with the original and unaffected atmosphere. It transcends the temporality; it also engraves on the time. Leon has been invited to shoot the wedding and family life of many celebrities.

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The WPJA proudly recognizes Leon Wong as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.

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The following photos are of Leon Wong at work.

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The following letters are from the clients of Leon Wong.

Żonaty: 1 roku temu

Shan i Zoe

Thanks to the LEON WONG team, you are my first team, and the ps wedding is still undecided. Like the photos you take naturally, like a hidden invisible recorder, or the kind of lens is everywhere. We didn't take a wedding photo seriously, and there was no travel in the shed. It's because I don't like wedding dresses. It's very boring and unnatural. Most of them don't see the feelings of two people who love each other, even the face can't remember. For me, the best shape is all live broadcast on the wedding day. The best scene is to be close to friends and relatives. I and Shan are just like each other. This requires a very professional team. Because the live broadcast does not have NG. It’s not like a wedding photo, you can’t come back, miss it and miss it. It’s hard work for you all the time, and you’ve been keeping a high level of tension until the end. There are a lot of expressions, only one or two seconds you have captured. Thank you, Teacher Huang. I sat alone at noon and remember to help me with a cup of hot coffee. This time I introduced, many of our friends and relatives have become your loyal fans. I said that you are so low-key, the work is great!

Żonaty: 1 roku temu

Paul & Renee

Thank you very much for your dedication to recording all the beautiful moments of the day, and thank you for your participation and testimony.

Żonaty: 4 roku temu

Hao i Lizzy

To naprawdę najmądrzejsza decyzja, aby mój ślub był fotografem.

Żonaty: 5 roku temu

Danny & Abby

Thank you so much, there is no regret. . The only regret is that my husband and I are both eating fat.