Fotografia ślubna Malagi autorstwa Jezusa Meridy z Andaluzji w Hiszpanii
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Jezus Merida

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Hello, my name is Jesús Mérida and I am a wedding photographer. After dedicating myself to advertising photography for a long time I decided to look for something more than still lifes that didn't transmit anything beyond aesthetics. I was always attracted to the photography of Jean loop Sief, Elliot Erwing. . . and other great photographers of the time for the spontaneity and feelings they took in their snapshots. It is precisely this that gives me absolute satisfaction within wedding photography. Another source of inspiration is street photography.
To know that the moment is unrepeatable, that it is 100% natural.
My main objective is that all the moments of the wedding are real, without preparations, without posing. I love this idea of being true, faithful to life and of course to my partners.
That's why my style fits perfectly into photojournalism or documentary photography of weddings.
I consider myself a self-taught person, although I have done several workshops. I learned the Light in a studio and always going out with the camera. Today I devote myself entirely to photography, it's my way of life. I am a very happy person thanks to my family and photography.
My city is Malaga, in southern Spain. I work mainly here although I travel anywhere in the world.

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