Fotografia ślubna Neapolu Federica Ariemma z Kampanii we Włoszech
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Federica Ariemma

Federica Ariemma Fotografia

Hi, I'm Federica, a photographer by choice and for love!
I have always shown an artistic soul; I was always attracted to drawing, as a child, I filled notebooks with sketches of all kinds, but life had decided another way for me, in fact, I graduated in Biotechnology and specialized in Food Science.
Fortunately and by coincidence, as a child, my father notices my attraction for photography and gives me the first reflex. I still remember the feeling in having that thing so big and heavy in my hands, the first shot was a disaster and stimulated me to look for books and manuals from which to learn, grow and improve. I soon came to the conclusion that I could learn the technique, the rest I would have to look for in me.
There has been continuous experimentation, a meticulous search for inspiration and new stimuli, a continuous trying and trying again, so as to become a romantic obsession. In dark and happier moments I gather, like a priest with his prayers, with my photograph. It is a world hidden in me of thoughts and emotions, which I try to bring out in every shot of mine, to submit it to the unquestionable judgment of the observer, source of great teachings.

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