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Kelly Williams

Fotograf ślubny NYC

Kocham to co robię. Uwielbiam opowiadać historię o czyjejś miłości, życiu i szczęściu w jednym ujęciu. Kiedy zaczynałem, chcąc zostać scenarzystą i spędziłem wiele lat na zabijaniu w świecie finansów, natychmiastowe emocje związane z uchwyceniem pamięci po prostu naciśnięciem spustu migawki zahaczyły mnie w 2004 i byłem wizualnym gawędziarzem odkąd takie publikacje jak Martha Stewart Living i New York Magazine.

Mieszkałem na całym świecie i pochodzę z Florydy, ale z dumą nazywam dom w Nowym Jorku. Witalność Nowego Jorku jest czymś, co pakuję w każde zdjęcie. Ciągle wędruję po ulicach i metrze, szukając nowych inspiracji. Więc jeśli widzisz mnie na ulicy z aparatem w dłoni, zatrzymaj się i przywitaj. Chciałbym pokazać ci miasto przez obiektyw.

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The following letters are from the clients of Kelly Williams.

Ruby & Chris

Żonaty: 5 roku temu

Ruby & Chris

“We just wanted to say a quick thank you for yesterday! It was so comfortable and nice to work with you in the park, and thanks so much for offering to go outside the park and getting some of the UWS into the photos. Your flexibility, patience and creative eye only helped reinforce how awesome we already thought you were.”

Żonaty: 5 roku temu

Julianne i Matt

“Thank you again for everything yesterday. So many people came up to us and commented that you were great to work with, and it was evident how much effort you were putting in to getting the perfect shots. We appreciated that you were not only ready for any photography situation, but also fully prepared for any potential wedding/bridal issues.”

Żonaty: 6 roku temu

Kirsten i João

“We were sooo excited and happy with your beautiful photos! We were impressed with how well you captured us and our connection....And we had such a fun time during the photo shoot and you made us feel very comfortable. Thanks again for helping us capture these memories. We are excited about having you there with us at our wedding.”

Żonaty: 6 roku temu

Susan i Tim

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The photos are spectacular! The 'real time emotion' moments that you captured are amazing....exactly what Tim and I wanted and more. The portrait shots at on Harrison Street are incredible. You have no idea how many times I've said today 'awesome shot'. Thank you for making our day even more special.

Żonaty: 7 roku temu

Courtney i Warren

We are totally blown away by the photos you took of us for our engagement shoot. Wow!!! Yes, we are very pleased indeed. These were exactly what we were looking for and hoping for. They turned out so good. The different locations, the colors, the different backgrounds and textures were all amazing. You really have an eye for the backdrops too. They all worked so well. The colors all popped, and we are also in focus too, LOL. We cannot believe they turned out so well on such a cold and gloomy day. Thank you again for doing this and staying so positive and enthusiastic and passionate in such miserable weather. Your personality really made it easy for us and helped to energize us. And judging by the excellent quality of your photos, and the superb creativity, style and composition of your photos, we know we definitely made the right choice of wedding photographer and look forward to the wedding knowing that our photos are one less thing we have to worry about because you have that totally under control. Thank you also for the super quick turn-around for the engagement photos. That must have taken you a long time. We really appreciate it and were so motivated by how well they turned out. Courtney for one looked over them all several times. Again, we send you much thanks and congratulations on your wonderful photos.

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Classic Novel

  • Up to ten hours of wedding day coverage
  • One additional two-hour photo session which can include an engagement portrait, coverage of your rehearsal dinner, or even a boudoir session

Cena: 3250.00 (USD)

Timeless Tale

  • Full day wedding day coverage
  • Two additional two-hour photo sessions — have your bridal shower covered and get an engagement session, for instance
  • This package is ideal for destination weddings or weddings where you want coverage from morning to night without having to watch the clock

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  • Full day wedding day coverage
  • Three additional two-hour photo sessions — an engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, and a bride and groom portrait session, for instance
  • An 8x8 fine art album of your choice

Cena: 6750.00 (USD)